How we support you... What we can do for you

Experience and Quality Care
is at the heart of our offerings

AB Med is comprised of a seasoned and compassionate team, led by physician and business experts.

With Dr. McLaughlin’s dual background in Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine, AB Med is unique in our ability to administer Emergency, Inpatient, and Outpatient care perspectives that parlay our training and expertise to deliver the highest quality care for a population ranging from pediatric to geriatric.

optimizing your facility
through proven management

Financial Management

Establish and maintain budget, revenue cycle; monitor and capitalize on past billing success and financial performance; negotiate contracts with payers

Business Operations

Develop business and marketing plans unique to your facility; utilize AB Med’s established partnerships with third-party consultants

Human Resource Management

Recruit, hire, train and retain providers and staff through a proprietary workforce management technology

Community Relations

Partner with your facility to actively engage with Boards of Directors and Community leaders

Medical Records

Input and advise on optimization of EMR


Progressive and innovative educational platforms tailored to your staff needs

Quality Management

Evaluate and enhance current quality standards, supervise clinical oversight, and collaborate on processes, protocols, and policies to maximize reimbursements

Quality Metrics

Collecting, analyzing, improving, and reporting on established and novel indicators

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