Partnering for HEALTHIER Communities
Partnering for HEALTHIER Communities
Partnering for HEALTHIER Communities

healthcare solutions

AB Med creates innovative solutions and brings a track record of proven success to our partner’s most pressing clinical and public health needs. Through our unique team of physicians, epidemiologists, public health professionals, subject matter experts, logisticians and operational directors, AB Med manages projects from inception to execution and beyond.

The unique ability to offer services in both a consulting and performing fashion sets AB Med apart. From working with key stakeholders and communities to design a project and then having the experience and capability to enact and perform on the plan is our strength. 

innovative healthcare solutions

75 years

of combined experience
in the healthcare industry


retention and excellent past performance


infectious disease screenings


database of multi-specialty vetted candidates, physicians, nurses, allied health and hospital administration

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Community Needs

AB Med has assembled a multidisciplinary team to support healthcare systems, public health agencies, clinics, and hospitals to help keep their communities healthy. Focusing on people and processes, AB Med helps solve complex healthcare problems in the real world.

From preventing disease spread to outbreak suppression and clinical guidance, our team is ready for rapid deployment. We are a scalable, adaptable, and resilient partner in healthcare services.

the people
The People

We have established a pool of public health specialists including MD/MPH, Public Health Nurses, Infection Control specialists, clinicians, data scientists, PhD Epidemiologists, physicians, and logisticians to help perform on complex healthcare and public health projects.

the system

The System

Our Program is a combination of individual components that can be implemented as a system or individually, depending on the specific project needs. This is a modular approach allowing for services to be added or removed as needed. High scalability and customization are key features.

the platform

The Platform

Our Solutions include all platform and technologies required. We can use your existing infrastructure, augment, or introduce new solutions from our selected partners. From data analytics, AI, and modeling software to contact tracing, disease surveillance systems and PHI data management, we offer end to end solutions for data and software.