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Celebrating the Twelve Clans Unity Hospital

Celebrating the Twelve Clans Unity Hospital

AB Med is honored to have assisted the Winnebago Tribe to take over the previously federally operated hospital in Winnebago. The healthcare facility has been reborn under the name of Twelve Clans Unity Hospital to signify the historic switch to self-governance. AB Med is certain that the partnership with the Winnebago Comprehensive Healthcare system will have a tremendous impact in the healthcare quality the facility delivers. Sioux City Journal describes the event as “a new beginning” and we could not agree more.

July 1st AB Med was privileged to attend the midnight blessing ceremony celebrating the transition.

Our CMO, Dr. Erik McLaughlin commented on the event:

“Both myself and Mr. Travis Schugg (AB Med CEO) were delighted to be invited to participate in the Key Ceremony that took place at 12:01 AM on July 1st, 2018 at the Twelve Clans Unity Hospital in Winnebago, Nebraska.

The ceremony

represented the handing over of keys to the hospital from the outgoing Indian Health Services (IHS) management team to the incoming Winnebago Comprehensive Healthcare System (WCHS). After some brief words by tribal leaders and IHS representatives, the crowd spent a moment of silence to honor the recent passing of an elder. A blessing was offered and some traditional singing was performed.

Cedar smoke was used to help cleanse the hospital. Afterwards, refreshments were served and there was an opportunity to meet those instrumental in the development of this historic milestone.

I am extremely proud to have been able to witness this ceremony but also to participate in the ongoing delivery of healthcare to the Winnebago people.”

AB Med would like to thank the Winnebago Tribe for their trust in our services. We are committed to our common goals. Let’s Connect.

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By: Erik McLaughlin MD, MPH and Aikaterini Papadopoulou, B.Arch


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